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Custom Tesla

Sound insulation

Please allow a delivery time of 1-2 weeks

Years of experience in the car hi-fi sector and the insulation of electric vehicles, as well as ongoing optimization and improvement characterize our offer. With our professional measuring equipment, we make every improvement objectively measurable and uncover new potential.

Advantages of professional vehicle insulation

  • Significant reduction of driving and other disturbing noises
  • Rounding off the sound of the audio system
  • Pleasant and high-quality feel of the doors


We currently offer our vehicle insulation in two versions.


Duration: approx. 1 day
Focus: Autobahn and country roads, general noise such as creaking and squeaking

  • Doors front & rear
  • Tailgate
  • Lower trunk
  • Vehicle-specific noise (creaking, squeaking, etc.)


Duration: approx. 2 days
Focus: Bad roads, cobblestones

  • Base Version incl.
  • Frunk (incl. checking the mass points)
  • Fenders & wheelhouse liners
  • Check HV cabling (Model X Performance)
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