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Custom Tesla

Vehicle insulation

Please allow a delivery time of 1-2 weeks

Years of experience in the automotive development and insulation of electric vehicles, as well as ongoing optimization and improvement characterize our offer. With our professional trade fair equipment, we make every improvement objectively measurable and uncover new potential.

Advantages of professional vehicle insulation

Significant reduction in driving and other noise

Depending on the vehicle model and the desired scope, the driving noise is reduced by an average of 4 to 11dB. For a better classification: A reduction of 10dB corresponds to a halving of the volume.
The volume reduction on average, however, is only one part. The weighting of certain frequency bands is crucial for human perception. High tones are perceived much louder than low tones with the same sound pressure. With our insulation, we dampen these crucial frequencies particularly strongly and make electric driving even more pleasant.

Sound rounding of the audio system

By stiffening the sheet metal panels, reducing vibrating air volumes and eliminating rattling noises on plastic parts, the sound of the series system is also significantly better. The bass gets richer, at higher volumes nothing rattles and the sound in general becomes significantly clearer.

More pleasant and high-quality feel of the doors and tailgate

Each door is up to 7kg heavier and in addition we have achieved the optimal control of the pressure when closing the doors in the passenger compartment in countless series of tests. These two factors ensure a feel when opening and closing the doors, as can be expected in the premium segment-and beyond.

Overall, the vehicle is up to 70kg heavier, depending on the variant and model. This does not have a relevant influence on consumption.


    We currently offer our vehicle insulation in three variants. The detailed execution and scope of the areas covered differ between the different vehicle models. Therefore, this list is only to be understood as a rough overview.


    Duration: approx. 1 Tag

    • Front & rear doors
    • Penthouse


    Duration: approx. 1 Tag

    • Total "base" scope
    • Tailgate, tub and sides
    • Fenders & Wheelhouses/Wheelhouse Bowls
    • Vehicle individual background noise (creaking, squeaking, etc.)


    Duration: approx. 2 Tage

    • Entire "base" and "pro" scope in modified technique
    • Vehicle Floor & Firewall

    Test drives

    The best impression of the advantages of professional vehicle insulation can only be obtained by a test drive. At our location in the Remscheid area there is a "Pro" Model Y and a "Ultra" Model Y for free test drives at our location in the Lörrach area.

    Feel free to contact us for an appointment!


    This product can only be used for EUR 99.00- Can be conveniently installed with you via mobile service throughout Germany.

    Assembly site requirements

    For both variants, the vehicle must be in a straight, asphalt place. There must be enough space to keep all four doors, the Frunk hood and the tailgate completely open for the entire assembly period.

    Depending on the season and weather conditions, the assembly location must be weather-protected. A temperature of at least 15 °C must be ensured for processing the material. If you eg. In winter you do not have a garage in which the assembly is possible, you are welcome to contact us, we will always find a solution.

    For the "Ultra" variant, a weather-protected space the size of a parking lot (a total of around 25m ²) is required.

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